literally meaning “back figure”, the term rückenfigur (traditionally associated with german romantic painters) describes a viewpoint that includes another person seen from behind. this figure directs us, the viewers, to behold the landscape in the scene. with no visible face, the figure feels anonymous, making the scene more universal and thematic. as viewers, we share the figure’s vision, thus the art is forcing us to participate in this vision. the figure becomes a surrogate for the viewer.

and get this, when i brought this roll of film to the lab, i wound up in a discussion about these sorts of photographs with jessica caisse, who happened to be working on the very same thing.



i’ve worked with this same beautiful face a few times recently, for different clients, on location, in my studio … lina is always so good.

here are a few shots i did for erica tanov‘s fall 2011 line, one of which was featured in 7×7.



in conjunction with open restaurant’s recent trip to japan, friends david and kc invited about 40 people to a quiet bolinas beach in order to create a large-scale stop motion animation film using found objects. the recent earthquake is still very much on our minds over here, so the film is aptly titled “we think of you.” a screening just happened at the tokyo art museum, and there’s one tonight at the starline social club in oakland.


getting there


being there


found stuff, like rocks with faces


getting to work


remembering to chill